Broker Services

We refer full service Mortgage Brokers and Finance Brokers to get you the best loan. The Brokers we refer can assist, first home owners, next home buyers, refinancers and investors. Contact us today to discuss your specific loan requirements.

We can refer you to a qualified, experienced and licensed Mortgage Broker to assist you from loan selection to property settlement and everything in between. The Mortgage Brokers we refer all have extensive experience in all things lending, including:

Supporting First Home Buyers

Just starting out and not sure where to start?  We are here to help, as it’s always best to speak with a professional mortgage broker to discuss and provide a range of loan options for you.

Rather than just accept what a bank says, contact Finance Allsorts with your scenario and we can refer you a suitable Broker who will formulate a plan with you to get you your first home

They can also help you determine your eligibility and apply for the First Home Owner’s Grant and other Government incentives.


Main reasons you may consider refinancing your current loan is to:

  • get a better interest rate
  • reduce fees being paid
  • re-structure your loan
  • do a loan increase for whatever your purpose
  • consolidate your personal debts
  • get a better deal on your business loan (at home loan rates)

Contact Finance Allsorts today for more info and to be referred to a qualified Broker

Commercial Loans

Commercial property and business lending policies and interest rates are rarely found on lender’s websites. Unlike residential home loans, the pricing of a commercial loan can be negotiated based on your background in business, your financial status and the security to be offered. If you need help to refinance or purchase commercial property, please contact Finance Allsorts today to get an experienced Broker.

Investment loans

Investment loans need to be structured in a specific way to allow you to make the most of your assets, finances and tax position. The Brokers we refer can work with you, your financial planner and/or accountant to ensure your loan is set up to meet your specific financial goals.  The Brokers have access to competitive loan options that can help you maximise your return on investment.  Contact Finance Allsorts now to be referred to a suitably qualified and educated Broker.

Asset loans

Need finance for another large purchase besides your home? You can ask Finance Allsorts to refer a suitably qualified Broker to access competitive finance options for private cars and recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, plant and equipment for your business and other kinds of small business loans for a variety of purposes.

These finance options may include personal loans, car loans, a variety of leases, commercial leasing options, chattel mortgages and more.

Land & construction loans

Buying Land, building a home, sub-division, unit development or commercial property or building an extension?

If you don’t own the land already, the land will need to settle first and you will need a fixed price building contract to build.

Construction (building) loans are set up in a specific way to especially facilitate progress payments.

Contact Finance Allsorts to find out more about a referral to a suitably qualified and educated Broker …

Home upgrade

For those people wishing to upgrade their current home.

Have you considered the possibility of keeping your current home as an investment and buying a new one?

It is vitally important to make sure you set up this loan with the future in mind.  The correct structure of a home upgrade loan and the product  becomes more important as you age.

Contact Finance Allsorts to refer a great Broker to you.

Credit impaired / bad credit

There are many Lenders who will consider a loan for those with bad credit, including defaults, judgements, personal insolvency agreement (part 10), ex bankrupts etc.

These loans are usually priced to accommodate the increase risk presented with credit impairment and the fees can be quite high to get into these loans, however, they can create a path forward or you to own a home or refinance and increase with an expectation that you will prove your credit worthiness again and go back to mainstream lending soon.

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